Cancer > the role of carbohydrate and protein-protein interactions in cancer using radiolabeled peptides

Cancer and Substance Abuse > the use of radiotracers for application in cancer and substance abuse including the use of radiotracers for use in non-invasive imaging of cancer and the development of substance abuse treatment therapy

Cancer >the development and use of radio-pharmaceuticals for diagnostic imaging and targeted radiotherapy in cancer

Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease > magnetic resonance imaging and NMR spectroscopy techniques for applications in cancer diagnosis and therapeutics and cardiovascular imaging

Cancer > the use of molecular imaging and peptide receptor targeted radionuclide therapy in cancer

Melanoma > the development of radiolabeled peptides and proteins as tumor-specific diagnostic and therapeutic agents

Cardiology > correlations between myocardial perfusion imaging and cardiac catheterization studies and how clinical care is affected

Diabetes and Insulin Resistance > to identify common molecular regulators of insulin resistance to provide better markers for early diagnosis and drug therapies

Hepatic Disease > the mechanisms involved in regulating fatty liver disease and the metabolic syndrome; how lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise can affect these disease entities

Hypertension > the roles and molecular mechanisms of angiotensin II and GPCR kinases in blood pressure control

Hypertension, Diabetes, and Renal Disease > hormone systems that contribute to renal injury in diabetes

Hypertension, Diabetes, and Insulin Resistance > the mechanisms of angiotensin II and aldosterone inhibition on the insulin metabolic signaling pathways that regulate cardiovascular function and glucose metabolism

Insulin Resistance > why insulin resistance occurs in muscles and blood vessels and how exercise may influence these processes

Nutritional Epidemiology > the influence of trace-element nutrients on the incidence, progression, morbidity, and mortality of chronic diseases

Rheumatoid Arthritis > the use of online self-help strategies for adults with rheumatoid arthritis

Telemedicine > the effectiveness, clinical outcomes and economic outcomes of telemedicine interventions